Mini GPS Display using Ublox neo-6m module and ESP8266 nodemcu


In this project we will learn how to interface GPS module with esp8266 as main controller to show GPS data on OLED display. We will read and display various elements from GPS like Speed, Clock, Date, Location, Altitude, Trip distance, Number of connected satellites, Cardinals (moving direction), etc. We can use this project in cars or other moving vehicles.

In next update I am planning to build a web-server using esp8266 to receive data from GPS in smart phones and generate geographical location on online 2D maps using longitude and latitude.


  • ESP8266 NodeMCU board
  • Ublox neo-6m GPS module
  • OLED i2c display 128x64px
  • Momentary push buttons – 2Nos
  • Software : Arduino IDE

Circuit Diagram:

GPS display Project




GPS Display Screens:


Working Video:


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