Interfacing TFT LCD ILI9163C & DHT11 Temperature Sensor with STM32F103 32bit Microcontroller


In this project i will teach you how to interface ILI9163C TFT LCD  color display module with STM32F103 Arm cortex microcontroller to display DHT11 temperature sensor value.

ILI9163C : It is a 1.44″ color TFT display with SPI interface. This tft comes very cheap but has lot of impressive futures and support very high speed SPI transfer of about 40Mhz. Available in two variants in market, one with the  black pcb and other one with the red pcb. In this project we will use black pcb.

STM32F103: A 32bit arm cortex high speed microcontroller. This is a very cheap, fast & advanced alternative to Arduino and can be program using Arduino IDE with simple USB bootloader. In this project we will use Black Pill STM32F103 board with USB bootloader.

DHT11: A very famous and widely used temperature & humidity sensor. This sensor uses resistive type NTC temperature measurement component with high performance 8bit microcontroller to provide calibrated digital signal output. It has measurement range of 0 to 50 degree Celsius.

Circuit Diagram:



Project Images:

Note: Follow bellow tutorial if you want to know, how to burn USB bootloader in STM32 black-pill board.


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