How to Start Telnet Client in Windows 7


Telnet is a protocol that helps you to connect to remote computers and local network computers over a TCP / IP ports or networks. In windows operating system, telnet client is disabled by default. So, you need to enable it from windows features.



  1. Click Start and then Go to Control Panel .telnet_client_step1

  2. Click Programs and Feature and Open Turn Windows feature on or off  .telnet_client_step2

  3. Check Telnet Client check box form Windows Features dialog box and click OK. System will install necessary files to your system by itself.telnet_client_step3

  4. To start telnet in command prompt, Open CMD from Start menu and execute this command once,  pkgmgr/iu:”TelnetClient” and press enter.telnet_client_step4

  5. Now you can start using telnet client to connect to remote computer or webpage, For that input command ‘telnet’ followed by IP address/ webpage with telnet port i.e 23 in my case.  example: telnet 23telnet_client_step5( Note : System may ask for user ID and password to connect proposed remote computer. )


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