How to operate home appliances wirelessly using ESP8266 and android phone

Required Components: 

  1. NodeMCU or any ESP8266
  2. Relay Module
  3. 128×64 OLED display (Optional)
  4. Android Phone

Circuit Diagram :


Source Code:


    1. Build up the circuit as shown in circuit diagram.
    2. Download source code from download section, edit downloaded code and input your home router’s SSID and Password in the code.
    3. Compile and upload the source code in NodeMCU or any ESP8266 you are using. You can use Arduino IDE to upload the code.

  1. Once your uploading process is completed, power up the circuit and reset the ESP once.
  2. Now ESP will connect to your router and it will show IP address of your ESP in OLED display.
  3. Install android application in your phone and open it, application link is given bellow in download section.
  4. Input IP address shown in OLED display and port i.e 80 in application page and hit connect button.
  5. Now you can operate relay from your phone and can connect any appliances to these relays. (consider relay amps rating )


Note: You can not use direct 5v relay in this project, because NodeMCU control output is only 3.3v which is not enough to trigger 5v relay. That is- why we are using relay  module to work on this project.




Android application

Circuit diagram

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