How to interface Nextion HMI with Arduino Mega2560 and learn how to use Nextion editor and program tags in Arduino

Nextion is a smart hardware HMI (Human Machine Interface) solution published by ITEAD that provides visualization and control interface between human and machine. Nextion HMI comes with simple serial interface and can be easily communicate with Arduino, raspberry pi and other serial Interface compatible hardware’s.
In this post, I will explain how to draw basic HMI screens, setting tag names and reading tags using Arduino.

Circuit Diagram:

NextionHMI_Arduino Mega2560
Circuit Diagram

Nextion HMI Arduino Mega 2560

Nextion HMI Designing:
Watch bellow video for complete tutorial on how to operate Nextion HMI graphic designing software.

Arduino Code:
Note: I am using common anode RGB LED for output testing purpose. So I have written this code to operate common anode LED as output. If you want to drive relays instead of LED, you will need to change the code a bit.

HMI with Arduino working video:

Downloads :

Nextion Library

Nextion HMI file

Nextion TFT file

HMI Images

Arduino Code



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