How to interface HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor with Arduino


HC-SR04 is an Ultrasonic sensor module which includes ultrasonic transmitter, receiver and control circuit in one small PCB.  HC-SR04 has distance measurement ability ranging from 2cm to 400cm. These small units are very accurate and its ranging accuracy can be reach to 3mm.

How HC-SR04 Works:

Ultrasonic modules work on principle similar to radar or sonar. It generates high frequency signal of 40kHz towards object and receives echo signal from subjects surface. Then it can calculate object distance using time interval between the sending of signal and the receiving of echo.


To measure the object distance form sensor body we need to send a trigger pulse of 10uS, module will detect the trigger and will send out one 8cycle ultrasonic sound bust of 40kHz towards subject and receives echo of transmitted signal from objects surface. Now you can calculate distance from time interval between sending of signal and receiving of signal.

Distance Calculation:


t = s / v

s = t . v

Speed of sound is 340m/s

v=340m/s = 0.034cm/uS

So, in order to calculate distance in cm, we need to multiply time with 0.034. But in this case time is distance between sensor and object in one way only and in our case the time value we will get from echo will be double because the sound wave needs to travel towards objects and bounce back to sensor. So, in our case the formula will be,

s = t . v/2

s = t . 0.034/2

Circuit Diagram:

Circuit Diagraam

Basic Code:

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